TwinSpace Houses provides terraced houses, low-rise buildings, loft houses as well as vacation homes and accommodation cabins. We also deliver transferable site huts and workmen’s shelters for construction sites.

Comfortable TwinSpace buildings are being built from modules. Their architecture is high-class and the use of space is well-thought-out and perfected.

The cost and lifecycle expenses are extremely affordable. TwinSpace buildings are also energy efficient.

The modules can be moved to new places at reasonable cost.


How is this possible?

Our modules are built in a factory in a supervised warm environment. This guarantees the effectiveness and the constant quality and prevents all construction defects and humidity problems during the building process.

The steel frames are sturdy and customised modules allow versatile architectural solutions.

The steel frame makes the low energy solutions possible at a reasonable price. The smart control system ensures the safety and increases the energy efficiency.

All our module materials are built with low-emitting materials.


Different solution options are endless

TwinSpace modules can be built into terraced houses, low-rise buildings, loft houses. Almost anything.


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