We help your business implement effective data management solutions to guarantee a consistent flow of high-quality information across your entire organization – as well as your suppliers and customers.

We bring real value by accelerating cross-organizational collaboration and minimizing errors. We increase transparency and enable more accurate reporting. What’s more, we measure it and prove it.

How we support you

Our solution includes all critical areas of data management:

  • Data governance and quality
  • Architecture and data models
  • Applications and integrations
  • Data cleansing and migrations
  • Training and more

We know what works

Our team is experienced in a wide range of industries. Our practical approach is based on proven methodologies, like architecture frameworks, and modern best practices, like rapid prototyping and iterative agile methods. We use the leading MDM application, EBX5, as our data management application platform. Extremely flexible, it offers a growth path from smaller solutions to large organization-wide MDM initiatives.

Some of the things our solutions are used for

  • Food and beverage industry – product data management, including recipes, nutritional values, Sinfos, Synkka, and more
  • Manufacturing and heavy industry – services data management, including job plans, equipment position structures, spare parts and more
  • Master data management – from managing reference data to complex multi-domain solutions


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Gain a lasting competitive advantage with smart, holistic data management.