Don’t waste time and money on what’s not working. Achieve your business targets and get the best possible return on investment by focusing on what’s important.

We provide your business teams with the tools and methods they need to analyze your markets and evaluate how your products are performing compared to the competition. This makes it easier for you to identify opportunities and gaps in your portfolio, and then define roadmaps that will keep you competitive in the long term.

How we support you

Our solution supports all critical aspects of portfolio management, including:

  • Market needs analysis
  • Product performance evaluation
  • Definition and management of new products
  • Definition and implementation of product roadmaps

We know what works

Our team is experienced in a wide range of industries and our practical solution is based on proven methodologies. We have created a portfolio management application that captures information in a structured format and delivers effective analysis of portfolio performance.

Some of the things our solutions are used for

  • Food and beverage products
  • Manufacturing and heavy industry products
  • Service products
  • We are a participant in the Tekes Active Product Portfolio Management project – a collaboration with leading representatives in Finnish industry


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